Monday, July 31, 2006

The Weary-Worn Travelers

I Know . . . I know! Some bloggers we're starting out to be. It's been nearly 20 days since our last post. But wait . . . we really do have a valid excuse. We have been on vacation - witnessing Shane and Patty (Katrina's brother) tie the knot and soaking up the beautiful coastline of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park in Northern Michigan. Then upon our arrival back home it seemed like the karma between us and the electronic world had gone arye. First our DVD player began to malfunction right in the middle of "The Emperor's New Groove" (Katrina's favorite movie) "GASP!", then we noticing a hissing sound coming from the washing machine (we were afraid to open the door because Don had just replaced the water heater before vacation), but it held up well it was a mere pressure leak in the hot water hose behind the washing machine - a good hard wrenching took care of the problem. Finally, as we sat down to share with the world about our adventures, both the desktop and the laptop computers began repeating the horrific phrase . . . "Server Not Responding!!!!!!" We finally decided to give up for the day understanding how devastated our adoring fans would be that they have to wait yet another day to hear from us.

Now it is nearly 11 PM on the following day and we have finally got things up and running properly. So before we call it a night we just wanted to send a great big "HELLO" from your weary-worn travelers.

* Coming soon . . . . . . . the pics from Don and Katrina's Excellent Adventure. "Rock On!"

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our Family's Best Friend

Godiva is our one-year old chocolate lab mix who serves the role of "child" right now. We got her when she was only 8 weeks old and has been a joy and pain all wrapped up in one. We were not quite ready for the huge responisibility of having a real child, so we started out with her. She has been great to have when Don is out late due to work and she is a comic relief in many instances. She also has been good for us to practice our "parental roles" by being consistant and working on our discipline together. In the future, we will try to keep our "Godiva stories" to a minimum; however, for all those dog-lovers out there, we might bust out the baby pictures soon!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Inaugural Post

Wah! Hoo! Yippee! Hooray! We finally made it into the world of blogging . . . Oh! Hello out there. Welcome to Don & Katrina's humble little spot on the worldwide web. It's taken quite some time for us to get here, but nevertheless . . . here we are. We must dedicate this site to the Baylor's, Thomas', and the Conley's (who helped us to realize the vast, untouched potential that lay within our reach -- without ever having to leave the couch = ), as well as to all those whom we love and who will actually take the time to read our blog.

Being that this is the first post, we will keep it short and sweet and make sure this is actually working properly. But, in case it does . . . here is a picture of us saying "Hello & Welcome."