Thursday, October 25, 2007

Family Fun . . .

I've been quite behind with posting pictures of different things we have been busy with over the summer. We have begun many different activities with the young married of our church as well as having church-wide get-togethers. The following is a pictures show of our fun times with our church family and friends.

We took a trip to DC recently to see Ben & Carissa. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures with them, even though we were around them the whole time!


World War II Memorial

The Mall with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.

Fun with the Monument.

More fun!! Waiting for Ethan to go "fotty" (a.k.a. "potty")


Couple we asked to kiss! They we happy to accomodate our request!

Two Member in front of the "Golden Arches"

TJ trying to score points for being a Twin. The girls didn't let that fly!

The Guys Team

We spent the afternoon eating, tubing, skiing, swimming, and jet skiing! It was a great time!

Our Picnic

Ashlyn looking spectacular!

Us on the Jet Ski

Front of the boat!

Pastor Skiing!

Our wonderful Pastor & His Wife!


Our "table" for our tailgating. Yup, that's our boogie board from our trunk! =) You do what you gotta do!

The Gang

The Happy Couple


Shannon & I with the final score after double overtime! Needless to say, we got our money's worth!!


Our Lunch at Red Lobster before our day at B.G. - We both had plans to tell the other couple that we were expecting! So very funny and so very exciting!!

ICE CREAM!!! YUM! - This one is for you Mom!

The guys with part of the decor for Howl-O-Scream at B.G.

Colonial Baptist Church County Fair

Pastor & His Family

Daisy & Buck

Godiva in the Petting Zoo

Daisy & The Scarecrow

Logsdon's & Hines' with the barn that they raised!

Our Baby Announcement to our church!

Hmm? What's different?

After the pie eating contest!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Big Reveal . . .

Here are some clues for you to figure out what's new in the lives of the Hines Family . . .

This is how we told our church family last weekend at our Harvest Party (thus, the Hickville getup). Figure out the mad gab and you've got the first clue!

I sent this picture to my Mom back home. She is proud to admit that Godiva is her granddog and always asks about her. Sometimes Godiva speaks back to Grandma as well. (Fine, now you know, we are a big fan of our dog . . . in case you hadn't picked up on that from our frequent mentioning of her and her happenings as well!!)

We had the blessed privilege of telling some of our family in person as they were here last month. This was their reaction . . . Don told them the news just before snapping the picture so that we could capture their expressions and post it for all the world to see! Lucky us!!

This is the last and final clue! This is how we found out the grand news!

If you haven't figured it out yet, then I am quite sure that writing it out for you wouldn't help either, but I'll go ahead and fill you in on it anyway. We are expecting the arrival of our first child! We are about 11 weeks along and were able to hear the heart beat and see our little one on the ultrasound last week. What a great honor to be able to see just a glimpse into our creative God's handiwork!! We were once again amazed at His grace for allowing us the great responsibility of raising a child. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we enter this new stage of life as well as for the health of this "bun in the oven".