Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Visit From Shane & Patty!

A couple weekends ago, we had the great honor to have my brother and sister-in-law in town for a few days! We had a great time just catching up and getting to know my new sister since their whole dating, engagement, and now year long marriage have been while Don & I have been here in Virginia. Not a great way to get to know the "new" family. We felt like we were attached at the hips while they were here. Since we do not have the privilege of having family around, when we do, we don't want to let them out of our sight! (Watch out Mom & Dad Turner - you're next!) It is also a great way to see the sights in our area. Most of you probably do the same thing - take for granted the things you have around you and when people come to town you get to experience it with them (most of the time for the first time as well)!! This visit was no different.

The first full day they were here, I bummed with them while Don was at work. We went to the Cape Henry Lighthouse which is north of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. We went down to the Chesapeake Bay and chased some crabs around and found a few shells. The dolphins even came through to give Shane and Patty a little show! **Sorry, no photos - forgot the camera!**

The next day Don had the day off and we continued our journey into Norfolk, but instead of driving into the city, we took a passenger ferry over the water and walked to our destinations from there. We headed to see the USS Wisconsin - a battleship docked for visitors to tour for FREE! We then had the hunger pains growing and decided that we would walk to what we thought would be a nearby burrito bar, but ended up being not-so-nearby, which Patty's feet could testify! However, the burrito bar was a delight! And for those locals - we even saw Craig Moeller (from 13 news) enjoying his own burrito! We later made it down to the ocean and allowed Don & Shane to get a late-afternoon dip.

Shane & Don on the Ferry!

Patty & Katrina on the ferry!

Don & Katrina with one of the MANY Mermaids in Norfolk.

Shane & Patty feeding the fish by the USS Wisconsin.

We're exploring the huge battleship - USS Wisconsin.

Nice look Shane!

Thanks again Shane & Patty for spending your first anniversary with us! We had a great time with you guys and loved each and every moment with you!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oops . . . I almost forgot . . .

We have also been keeping busy with . . .

1. Camping with Logsdons

2. Busch Gardening

3. Picking Strawberries

4. Being Appreciated - (Teacher's Appreciation Week Loot)

5. Playing with Pirates

We had a costume party to celebrate the openning of the Pirates of the Caribbean III. Here is our best shot at it . . . we only spent a little bit of our life savings on these as you can tell!

The dice game that the pirates played in the 2nd Pirates Movie.

Digging for gold - another game we played that night.

T.J. is walking the plank!

The crew!

Our hosts (no, not Jack Sparrow) James & Jessica! (which I have nominated them for the following awards - Best Costumes, Best Theme Decorations, and Best All Around Hosts Ever!)

Monday, July 09, 2007

What We've Been Up To . . .

. . . Cleaning out the attic . . .
I've been going through ALL of our stuff to organize the things we have accumulated the last four years. Some of it has been placed in different boxes to go with its catgory or simply given away. This was my finale!

. . . Trimming our bush . . .
As you can see, it was a monster. The new trim bush doesn't necessarily look better, but it will grow back. Thank you Flatt's for allowing us to borrow your truck.



. . . Seeing Family back in the grand state of MICHIGAN! . . .

Michelle & Greg



Grandpa & Grandma Lightfoot & Uncle Jim

Nick & Soon-to-be family

Mom, Dad, & Sean (well, the back of his head!)

Me, Shane, Mom, Patty, Doug, & Don behind the camera!

Mom & Doug

Don & I with Shane & Patty (my brother & his wife of one year - almost!)

All of us in front of our rental - an HHR (free upgrade! Wah hoo!)

. . . Congratulating Erika! . . .
Good luck with college in the fall!

After receiving her graduation gift - Concert Tickets!

. . . Going to the Langley Speedway . . .
With Nate & Emily Flatt

The Legend Cars

The Stock-Trucks

. . . Killing Cockroaches . . .
Yes, this Jurassic Park runaway was in my home.

. . . Saying Good-bye . . .
We love you and will miss you Tim & Julie Baylor!

. . . Worrying about Godiva's bestest friend, Cali . . .
She was staying at our house while her mom and dad (Stephen & Sarah Branine) went to NYC. She decided to be adventuresome and find a way out of our backyard on July 4th. Since then we have been trying to locate her. The horrible nightmare ended this morning at 5:00 when our little Godiva woke us up. I took her to go potty and she went. She still continued to whine when we got inside. That probed Don to say maybe we should look outside for Cali. Sure enough, Cali was out on the street in front of our house looking at us. She came running inside and we were finally able to break some good news to the Branines! Welcome Back Cali! We hope you enjoyed your vacation, next time tell us where you are going before you go . . . we were worried sick!