Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Black and White?

To those of you who will be receiving our annual Christmas picture, you may be curious as to the choice of black and white? Well, the following is a brief summary of our reasoning . . . not planning ahead, wore completely unmatching sweaters, nice photo of the two of us, great background, taken at a park in Williamsburg during height of fall color, next week rain, following week no leaves! So, in summary we decided black and white was a safe option to the nice picture. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Field Trip!

Today my class and I had a great time away from the actual classroom and spent the day at the Jamestown Settlement! We learned a little bit more about the way of life for the Powhatan Indians, Settlers, and the Africans who were the occupants of Jamestown. My class really enjoyed the hands-on stuff that was offered. My picture downloading has been ultra turle-slow these last few days, but I'll try to post a few photos of my 2nd grade class enjoying the beautiful Virginian fall.

Here we are listening to a man representing the English who navigated their way to America. The man discussed the many ways to defend themselves out on the open water against other ships. Very interesting!

This is a canoe that the interpreters have been working on for the past few months. They are using the technique the indians used by slowly burning out the center of the log and scraping the ashes out with shells. Always a big hit with the kids!