Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What we did this summer . . .

I know, I know - it's almost NOVEMBER and I'm now getting around to posting our adventures through the summer. But in my defense, it started getting into the 80's around here in May and we are experiencing another one of those days today. So, technically, it's still FEELS like summer to me. I'm striving hard to pull out those sweatshirts, jeans, and pumpkin spiced candles to make my brain tell me it's Fall (which I adore!).

Here's a quick look back at our summer:

Kate's Two!

Fun in the Outer Banks, NC with the Logsdons!

Went for a ride - in the AIR!

A Live Museum!

Kitchen Remodel - Complete!!

Cleveland Zoo with the Dea's!

Fun with Family!

Home Sweet Home!