Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Field Trip!

Today my class and I had a great time away from the actual classroom and spent the day at the Jamestown Settlement! We learned a little bit more about the way of life for the Powhatan Indians, Settlers, and the Africans who were the occupants of Jamestown. My class really enjoyed the hands-on stuff that was offered. My picture downloading has been ultra turle-slow these last few days, but I'll try to post a few photos of my 2nd grade class enjoying the beautiful Virginian fall.

Here we are listening to a man representing the English who navigated their way to America. The man discussed the many ways to defend themselves out on the open water against other ships. Very interesting!

This is a canoe that the interpreters have been working on for the past few months. They are using the technique the indians used by slowly burning out the center of the log and scraping the ashes out with shells. Always a big hit with the kids!


Shannon said...

okay, your pics have convinced me, we HAVE to go sometime. I mean we're always so far away, especially on Sunday :). Stephen keeps telling me we have to wait for the 400th anniversary. :)

Katrina said...

I wouldn't wait! It was busy today and it will be crazy come the anniversary!

Tim St. Clair II said...

What a cool field trip!

Hey, thanks for your very kind post on my blog. I was truly proud of my cast and crew for "Charlie Brown".

And by the way, "Seussical" will be held on February 16-17. You should come!

Anonymous said...

What cute kiddos! That looks like a great field trip!

Ben and Carissa said...

Ahhh! I wanna go. That is what I miss most about teaching!! How fun!!

jeileenbaylor said...

Fun pics and looks like a great trip :o)

We just went to Colonial Williamsburg last month. We had so many chaperones with us that myself and the other two teachers were able to spend the second half of the day perusing Williamsburg :O)

Tim St. Clair II said...


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Anyway, you should register, it doesn't take long and does not cost anything.