Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree!

This weekend we continued our tradition of putting up the tree the first weekend of December. The festivities included homemade soup and bread, apple cider, and donuts for dessert. We bought one of our cheapest trees from Lowe's this year (doesn't quite compare to the northern experience of actually getting to use a saw to cut your own tree down, but it works). We brought her home and made her shine. I just love this time of year! I love the decor and the times with family and friends, and the cozy feeling it brings. But most importantly I love the fact that God demonstrated his love for me in sending His Son to be the payment for my sins. A gift that can never be repaid, but only accepted by His grace and through the faith He gives. Praise Him for His work in our lives!

Another tradition Don has begun in our household is a simple competition of who can buy the first Christmas present for the other; coupled with who can be the first to have a wrapped gift for the other under the tree. I have been the reigning champ for the past two years with a win in both categories. This year he stepped it up (even though it is the busiest semester of His seminary career) and beat me to the punch with buying the first present. I retaliated with a nice big present wrapped under the tree when he came home today! Evidence of this victory if found in the photo below!

To the right of the gifts for the best hubby ever, you will notice a stack of things that need to be dropped off at the post office tomorrow. Yes, that's right. The blessing of being home during Thanksgiving is that we can be finished Christmas shopping and be ready to ship our gifts the first week of December! Wah hoo! So, incoming family!!

I wanted to also stick Godiva in the shot since she is not a part of our annual Christmas Card Portrait. She was feeling a little left out, so here is an updated picture of her. No, Grandma Katie, she is not going to be shipped with your gift, although she would like to spend a few days with you again soon! Maybe this time you can make it down here and see her cage, water bowls, toys and where she goes potty! =)


Shannon said...

Looks great! You guys crack me up with the 'competitions'. It makes life fun though. If we had that competition, I think I'd win, and Stephen would win for always going overbudget, which is sweet that he's so thoughtful.

Shannon said...

Traditions are so fun. It was nice to read about yours. Do you have your pj's bought for Christmas Eve?? :)

jess said...

Sounds like so much fun! The tree turned out great and your shopping is all done! I'm impressed! Hope you guys have a great Christmas.

jeileenbaylor said...

I'm so glad you were able to beat Don this year in the latter part of your competition :O) You guys are too cute!
Love ya!

Shannon said...

You're right Godiva does have bright eyes :) I had to take a second look at your blog after we had that conversation on Sun. She's still cute even if she does has alien-like eyes. j/k

jeileenbaylor said...

ok girl... I know you're busy.. but it is WAY past christmas! hee hee :o)

Love you.. can't wait to hear from you