Monday, June 11, 2007

June 7, 2007

Our fourth anniversary ended up being a great night!

Don was sent home by 2:30 in the afternoon - and those of you that know Brink's, know that this alone is shocking! He showed up at the door with two dozen pink roses in his Brink's uniform. I thought he was just stopping for a brief moment to surprise me with flowers and then off he goes to finish the rest of his afternoon jobs, but he was DONE!

He was excited about coming home early so he was able to squeeze in a nap before going out to eat.

We ended going to The Melting Pot. It is an all fondue restaurant. It took two hours to enjoy our four course fondue feast.

We started with a cheese fondue that we dipped three different types of bread, vegetables, and granny smith apples (strange, but yummy!)

Next, we were brought out our salads.

Then onto our entree. We could choose from two different broths that we would cook our meat in. We then were brought out our plate of meat. We had shrimp, tuna, fillet minion (spelling?), teriyaki steak, curry chicken, and potstickers. It only took 1 - 2 minutes to cook the meat in the broth and it was a lot of fun!

Finally, we gorged ourselves on the dessert fondue. We chose a smore chocolate to dip our cheesecake, poundcake, brownies, strawberries, pineapples, and bananas. This, of course, was my favorite!

We basically held our bellies all the way home moaning from the wonderful meal we had just had. Don even went to confess that this was the best meal he had ever had. I would have to agree! It was fantastic and we would highly recommend it to anyone!


The Ingrams said...

That was great that Don was able to get off early. The Melting Pot is a great place to go for a special occasion. Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Karis said...

I have never heard of The Melting Pot before, but your recommendation makes me wanting to try it out for a special date. How wonderful that Don could get off early -- from Dan's days at Brinks, I would've never expected him home to stay that early in the afternoon either. Glad it was a special evening.

Conleys said...

Emily beat me! I'm glad you had a great time. Your roses are beautiful. Are they Robert Redford roses?

S&s said...

YUM! Friends from Greenville took me there--and I thought the same about those Granny Smith apples...who would of thunk it?! But they were SO good! So glad you had a good time!

T.J. and Shannon said...

What beeeeautiful roses! They're my favorite flower. Great job Don!

The Horaks said...

Sounds amazing! You guys look great, btw! :)

T.J. and Shannon said...

Great...Don. Thanks for setting the bar so high on anniversaries this summer. Now I have to take Shannon to the melting pot and P.F. Chang's the same night. How many dozen roses did you buy Katrina....Always gotta keep up with the Jones' Hines.

Glad you both had a great time.

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Hi Katrina! Happy Anniversary a little late :) Just wanted to say that the Melting Pot is our anniversary tradition and absolute FAVORITE restaurant in the world! Didn't you groan b/c you were so stuffed, yet would have eaten it all over again??

Travis and Becky said...

hi treenie weenie! i mean big k! i mean katrina. sorry to share all of your nicknames with the whole blogging world! =) we miss you and love you. thanks for all of your prayers for our family. maybe when we start full time deputation we'll be able to schedule a va. beach trip. that'll be awesome!