Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oops . . . I almost forgot . . .

We have also been keeping busy with . . .

1. Camping with Logsdons

2. Busch Gardening

3. Picking Strawberries

4. Being Appreciated - (Teacher's Appreciation Week Loot)

5. Playing with Pirates

We had a costume party to celebrate the openning of the Pirates of the Caribbean III. Here is our best shot at it . . . we only spent a little bit of our life savings on these as you can tell!

The dice game that the pirates played in the 2nd Pirates Movie.

Digging for gold - another game we played that night.

T.J. is walking the plank!

The crew!

Our hosts (no, not Jack Sparrow) James & Jessica! (which I have nominated them for the following awards - Best Costumes, Best Theme Decorations, and Best All Around Hosts Ever!)


Karis said...

I love the pirate costume party -- what a blast! The pictures are great!

Gotta' love fresh strawberries. We got to pick them from Dan's parents' garden, and then we (mainly his mom -- I was the cutter upper) made strawberry rhubarb jam. Yum, yum!

I totally agree with your comment on my post about the salvation decisions of children. Another girl stayed after to talk to an adult after the evening service tonight. I haven't heard the results of that time yet. Dan said it was neat because she had looked up at him when he had given the invitation (someone else did the preaching but they asked Dan to do the invitation which is interesting because Dan isn't a big invitation person if I can say that without making him look like a bad missionary. I think you know more or less the kind of invitations I mean). He said others looked up too, but they were also looking around. He told the girls to stay behind if they wanted to talk to someone while everyone else left quietly. Only the one girl stayed, and he said he saw her friend next to her ask if she was coming when she didn't get up, and she told her friend to go ahead without her. I wasn't there (Kayla had to get in bed), but just being told about it brought tears to my eyes. To me, it showed that she was really serious about something in her heart. I can't wait to hear how the conversation went.

Tim & Kristen said...

Sounds like a fun time. I remember my dad used to take us strawberry picking, and then we would freeze the strawberries, but not after eating a ton of them with sugar. Tim and I will have to go up to Busch Gardens one day. We have never gone there together yet, and maybe we will have to take up camping... not sure on that one though. I am not sure if we are camp material?? Keep keeping up updated on your lives...I am going to miss our rides to school come Aug.

Travis and Becky said...

hey, treenie! thanks for the update. great pictures. i remember reading about that pirate party on another person's blog. that looks like such an awesome, fun time. very creative!! i sure do miss all the fun down there, but there's trade-offs too, i know, like no more school work!! =)
anways, i left you a note back on my blog. you are so silly! did you get a season pass to busch gardens this year? i did that once..well, actually, jalyn bought one for me once with some money she had earned (i love them and miss them!) one summer, the germon girls and i went a bunch of was great fun! that was before i had sam so i could help with their millions of kids! =)
have you figured out what you're doing for the school year (working, staying home, having a baby?? etc....)
love you,

The Ingrams said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer. I love the costume party--you all did such a great job! Just looking at your camping pic makes me ready to go again. Its been so long since we've been camping--maybe this fall! Shannon C. and I picked strawberries and froze them. I only wish I had more since smoothies are wonderful in the summer (especially since I can't eat ice cream with Zoe's diet restrictions).

jess said...

Yummy strawberries!! I'd love to do some blueberry picking - do you know of a good place? I love all your pics of the pirate party - they turned out so much better than ours - I think our camera is having issues! Thanks so much for comming that night it was great to have you and we are still going to have to work out a time to get together before the summer is over!

amanda lee said...

cool party :)