Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Few Firsts . . .

Mom, Dad, Erika, and Sean's First Visit to our Home in Virginia!

The family made the twelve to fourteen hour trip from Michigan to come and see us a few weekends ago. They traveled all day Friday and stayed through Monday. We were able to go and stay with them up in Williamsburg for two nights. On Saturday we made the journey to the "most beautiful theme park in America", Busch Gardens, and tried all of the major rides, since the lines were so short! Sunday we attended our church in Williamsburg, made the hour trek to our home, and then onto P.F. Changs restaurant for some yummy lupper and then to the "hurricane waters" of the Atlantic!! They visited the weekend that Tropical Storm Gabrielle came ashore in North Carolina. The effects of the storm were still evident all the way to Virginia Beach. The waves were crashing against the shore, but that didn't stop our adventure seeking family!! They endured the thrashing of the Atlantic, and then took out the boogie boards and could catch almost every wave! It was a blast!!

Thanks again Mom, Dad, Erika, and Sean for making the long trip down to see us! We love and miss you guys!!

Don & Sean are third and fourth from right!!

First Volleyball Games!!

The volleyball season is officially underway. We began our season two weeks ago. We have a much different schedule this season with many larger Christian schools that we are up against. So far we are 2 - 0 in our conference and 0 - 2 in non-conference play, bringing our record to 2 wins and 2 losses. The girls have played well this season and I look forward to seeing how they will handle the pressure of some of our tougher conference games!

A little "Bind Us Together" for the old assistant coach, Kristen Varner! We miss you Coach Varner!!


Conleys said...

It was cool to see you pics last night from their visit. :) We had a good time last night. I hope Esther did traumatize Godiva too much. :)

T.J. and Shannon said...

Is "yummy lupper" a new way to describe a delicious meal??! :) When I first read the title of your post, I thought that its contents might contain something different than it did.
Great pics with the fam!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Shannon L.- Lupper - you know - midway between lunch and supper!

Shannon C. - No, Godiva enjoyed each and every moment! In fact she was depressed when you left!

Tim & Kristen said...

Nice pictures of everything. I do miss volleyball. That picture brought back some good memories of our Bind us Together times. Sounds like you are doing well this year in volleyball in our comference again!!! I am sure the other games will be great learning tools and show how much you are progressing throughout the season!! It looks like I should be able to attend a practice soon, hopefully this Monday in fact. I will give you a call!! Tell the girls I said hey. Glad you could have fun with your family!

jess said...

Going to the beach when a storm is passing through is a blast! A family visit complete with PF Changs, what could be better!

jeileenbaylor said...

yahoo to family and volleyball :o) GO COACH!

Love you lady... and miss you too!

S&s said...

yea!! Your family finally did come to VA! Thanks for swapping with me for the dinner situation! That worked out perfectly!! hope your week is going well;) I had a good laugh at your comment that you left on my blog this morning;) You are so funny!