Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lady Lions!

I have had the joy of coaching the ladies volleyball team at my school for the past three years. The first year I was entrusted with the JJV girls and the past two years I have coached the Varsity Girls. We are in mid-season right now and I am pleased to announced that we are 3 - 0. Our girls have been working very hard and recently defeated our rival school with close match scores of 25-17, 25 - 22, 16 - 25, 25 - 20. We will be seeing them one more time in our regular season and again in the final tournament. Last year, we were defeated by them in both regular season games and beat them in the final tournament, putting us in 2nd place in our conference. This year the first place team is no longer a part of our conference and for the first time in our history of volleyball, we have an opportunity to take first place. I am excited and nervous for our girls because they feel the pressure as well. God has given us such a unity in Christ that I am so thankful for and the girls are continually teaching me through their love and example on the court. It is a busy couple months, but so worth it! Please pray that I would continue to make wise choices and that Christ would be evidenced in me to these girls.

I have also had the privledge of coaching with Kristen Varner the last two years. She has been such a help and joy to work with. We work so well together and I appreciate her willingness to submit herself to my leadership even though she has more experience with volleyball than I do. Thanks Kristen, you're the best!

Hopefully, I'll be showing a picture of our team in a few weeks with us holding the trophy! Go Lady Lions!


Tfipps said...

Awwww! We love Kristen too! Weren't you two counselors together the same summer up here?! Now volleyball...that's something I get into! Love it!

Shannon said...

Go Lady Lions!!!!!! Hurrah for Coach Katrina!!!!! Whoohoo Coach Kristen. :) You guys are great! Keep up the good work.

Ben and Carissa said...

Let's go Lions! So when are you going to whip those cheer leaders into shape?? Next year's cheer leader leader? Hee-Hee. You and Mrs. D! Love ya.
Let's go Blue - we miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Coaching is such a great opportunity to reach the girls. Kristen is great, too. Have fun!

kigel said...

Hey, Stranger! :)I got wind of your blog by following about two or three others starting with tfipps. :) Sounds like you all are busy but doing well. Greg and I are in Florida for him to go to school. It was fun catching up with you via your blog. Tell Kristen Varner hello for me!
Kristin Hobi Igel :)