Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tropical Storm Ernesto

The local paper, The Virginian Pilot, claims that our area had more than 10 inches of rain dumped on us on Friday. We, living in a flood zone, have the privilege of seeing this effect up close and personal. The following pictures are a testimony of Ernesto's impact in our front yard.

As you can see, that is our road with several inches of water on top of it. The highest it got, was to the top of our first step, meaning about 10 - 11 inches in the road. We were hoping (for blogging sake) that someone would stall out in front of our house, but everyone made it through. Some made it through several times creating a wake to our house and over the bank of my new flower bed.(grr!) I thought of my brother Shane, who would have completely forget the homes he was splashing water into for the sake of getting a high out of putting his truck through some water. (sorry, Shane, but you know it's true!)
This is our backyard under water. This does not flood as fast as the front, but still gets real damp!

True Story: Katrina goes to front door to look at the mayhem in the street. She notices man carrying all kinds of groceries and such and walking through almost knee-high water. Katrina thinks to herself "What a poor, miserable looking man! AND what a terrible wife he must have to make this man go out in this weather for just a few groceries". Then Katrina laughs out loud as she runs for the camera and the lightbulb goes off - that is her husband coming home from seminary! He stopped by the store on the way home because he knew we needed milk and some other goods and knew we would not be going back out in this weather! What a guy! Don had to park one block back where the flooding was much less and did not know if the car would have made it through the water without stalling.

This was Godiva's perch all day. She would watch car after car attempt to ford the flood waters. I did not have room for the drown-dog picture of her from when she had to go potty. It was pathetic looking!

You've seen it on TV, you've watched them on the news, we've had them in our front yard! Yes! This is a canoer taking his son for a little ride on the floodwaters after the storm. Funny and entertaining! Overall, it was a nice day at home! God spared us from any damage from the water and it was entertaining as well! Hope you enjoyed our little adventure with Ernesto!


Tfipps said...

Okay...that is hilarious. I don't know which part was more funny! Glad you all didn't have any major damage. Sure gave you some exciting things to blog about.

Jon and Lacey said...

Oh wow - glad you guys are okay!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad the water didn't get any higher. Seriously, that was a bunch of rain. We couldn't help but think of how much worse the people in LA and Mississippi had it! Thanks for having us over tonight - it was lots of fun as always!

Shannon said...

p.s. Can you teach me to play the triangle?

Shannon said...

Your "true story" made me laugh.

jeileenbaylor said...

Oh my word Kat! I cannot believe all that water! So glad nothing was majorly ruined.
And that was a hilarious story about Don. It's so great that you got a picture :o)

Amandaleann said...

You are a funny lady . . . Really!:) It was great to see you at the picnic on Saturday. It's a shame we don't see each other more for living so close to each other. We need to get together soon. Don't forget about the volleyball schedule for me. I really want to come and see your sweet coaching skills.

Shane & Patty said...

Even though we've lived so far apart for so long, you still know your brother very well!!

Great blog. Now maybe your older brother can catch up with the times, ya know the 21st century.

I'm pleased to announce
THE CARNES CHRONICLES coming to a blogspot near you.....fall 2006 ;-)