Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy New Year

I know that it is actually 1/2 month after our big celebration for the new year; however, we still wanted to share our fun for that evening. We were able to have over a few couples for some snacks, games (not as many as Don had planned), and to watch the famous ball drop. Thanks to all who were able to come! We were glad to share the beginning of our new year with you. Also as you look through these pictures, you may notice a change in our living room! Don and I decided to add an accent wall to our living room and change the layout. You may be able to catch a glimpsese of it in these pictures.

Stephen & Sarah Branine

Anand Raj (and Christy in spirit) - Who made it just in time for the food and photo session!

T.J. & Shannon Logsdon

Stephen & Shannon Conley (Esther in guest bedroom - fast asleep!)

The Happy Hosts - Notice the new NYC caricature behind us!

The only game we played all night, to Don's dismay. He had a stack of games to get through and we spent much of our time talking, laughing, and eating! Don will be inviting more of you over again soon, so he can get the itch of game playing scratched!


The Guys!

The Girls!

The Twins! - Even down the headband! Planned? No!

The "Everyone" picture including Godiva (who had a great night being spoiled by our guests, especially Sarah)

We pray that your new year is full of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

P.S. Sarah and Shannon, Please let me know if you cannot get the group picture off of my blog and I'll e-mail it to you!


Shannon said...

wow, you got a lot of good pics. Thanks for having us over, it was fun!

Shannon said...

those are some great pics! i was able to save them, so you don't need to email them.

so break (and fun) is over now and back to the books for the guys!

Steve& Sarah Kate said...

yay! Thanks for the pictures;)
happy 'back to the grind' ;((

Dan & Karis Seely said...

Looks like y'all had a blast for Christmas and New Year's celebrations. Hope the semester is going well for both of you.


Tfipps said...

Such cute guys looked like you had a blast. It was good to see Steve & Sarah on your blog...Steve was our campus kid at Northland.