Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Time of Year is It?

While we are not into this whole global warming thing, it has been an extremely mild winter this year. The whole "Michigander" part of us is still longing to get at least one good snowfall in this year -- fingers crossed! But until then we will keep enjoying what the Lord has blessed us with.
This past weekend was another beaut, so Katrina, Godiva and I decided to held to a local park. It then turned out to be even more fun when a couple frineds of ours (the Branines) were able to join us as well as their dog Cali (Godivas bestest friend in the whole wide world).

The two of them were able to explore the park together which included some pretty great exploration and even a mid-January swim.

Meanwhile, Ma and Pa were able to chat with friends and enjoy the outdoors which we love almost as much as Godiva. By the end of the evening though, we were pretty tuckered out, but as you can see . . . she was still ready to GO!

All in all it was a wonderful time. We are so thankful to the Lord for His undeserved grace which can be seen all around us when we take the time to notice it.


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Anonymous said...

hi i was here

Bonnie Johnson said...

Hi Don and Katrina!

How are you guys? I was glad to find your blog. So Michigan weather is pretty mild? You could come out to Salt Lake City; we're having more of a Michigan winter than you are. Usually, here in the valley, winter isn't too bad. Matt and I even went rock climbing in January one year. So, you can visit us at christianjoe.wordpress.com

Bonnie Johnson

Natalie said...

hey, Katrina. Do you remember me? How are you guys doing? I love the pics. :)

Natalie Everson

T.J. and Shannon said...

We miss you guys! What happened to the pics on your post? Did they go away when you changed the format?

Dan & Karis Seely said...

Just stopping in to say "hi." We're ready to head back to Virginia in just a few weeks and thaw out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Don, Katrina & Granddog Godiva, I love your BLOGG....
I hope you were using BRUNSWICK Bowling Balls, Pins and Shoes...(Keep your Mom employed). Sounds like one and ALL had a good time.
God bless. I LOVE YOU ALL! Mom