Monday, February 26, 2007

The Loot!

I have been desiring to go "Thrifting" for quite some time now. Don currently has Friday's off and when I got home last Friday he gave me the options of some things to do that night for our "date night". One of the options was to go to a few of the local Goodwills or Salvation Army stores and to see if we could find any treasure! I gladly accepted this offer and away we went. We only had time to visit two stores in the area before our bellies were calling for dinner, but it was so much fun rummaging through a few stores and got a few steals.

Don picked up a FM tuner for his IPOD for $5 and a cable to connect our laptop to the printer for $3. I found a cute book for $.75 that Don decided he would read to me when we got home (much funnier with his expressions). I also found a cute purse for $3. We are going to be having a Golf/Walk - A - Thon as a fundraiser for school this year and one of the things we're doing to get the kids excited is having a door decorating contest. We are currently still in the "planning" stage and I picked up an old golf club for $.90 (yeah, tax deductable!!) for a little more inspiration.

I love my husband and I am so thankful for a guy who is willing to put aside his desires so that I could have a little bit of fun. Although, he would admit that he had good time as well (especially getting an extra-long cheesy coney at Sonic afterwards!!). Thanks Sweetie! Your the Best!

P.S. Sarah - Not as great of deals as those super-cool chairs, but our Thrifting days aren't over yet!!


Conleys said...

As you know, I LOVE thrift store finds. Stephen and I are going next week on Wednesday (Salv Army half off day!) and we always find lots of deals too. You just can't beat those kinds of dates!

journeyer said...

Yay! I love thrift store shopping and REALLY miss "Savers" Savers is seriously the best thrift store out there.

Dan & Karis Seely said...

I too LOVE thrift shops. Now that we are "homeless"/downsizing, I don't find as many good deals because it has to be something that is worth carrying around with us or worth putting in storage until we would use it in Africa. Even still, that doesn't take away the joy of a possible good find. I'm not exactly sure how Dan feels about coming with me because he's such a trooper about it since he knows how much I love it, but I've seen him get excited about good deals! I would definitely consider "thrifting" a great date night.

Tfipps said...

Fun, fun!! This weekend some of us girls are going thrift store shopping in Green Bay, and I can't wait. I especially love finding cute clothes for the girls there! It's amazing how much Gap and Old Navy stuff I have found at Goodwill - and it is always a plus if they're the 50% off color of the day tag!

Reads said...

I too love a bargain! We have a "Savers" I love when they have all their clothes 50% off! I think those kind of date nights are the best! Adam and I went on a date and stopped at a store before picking up Audrey. We had a good time!
So you were stuck in the storm too? We got that storm here. It was great to be "stuck" at home for a couple of days. We needed it. Hope you are doing well!

jeileenbaylor said...

how fun! i love thrifting :O)
What a great time together seeking out treasure!