Monday, March 12, 2007

Green Day Friday!

Our fundraiser kick-off began with a great amount of green. Green - I think for GO, and also for the golf green (since it's a golfing tournament) as well as green for grass (since it is also a walk-a-thon), but probably not for boogers - even though you might see a few in this picture!

Last Friday, we were able to dress down as long as we had GREEN to wear. And so our creation of green, interesting outfits came about. My whole class participated and we were awarded "the class with the most green" for the K5 - 2nd grade classes and had to putt for a pizza party. Unfortunately, I was unable to produce the party for my class, but I'm happy to announce my partner in the "pretty club" at school, Sarah Joungblood, won it for her class (Check out her hair below!!).

To get the kids excited about this fundraiser, we were also suppose to create a door advertisement for the tournament. There were awards for the first door complete and the most creative doors. I'll give my props to Miss Kristen Varner who came out on top for her age group. My door, although highly creative, apparently paled in comparison to a Kindergarten class that will remain unnamed (Still resolving with my bitterness!). Who were those judges anyway!?! Check out these doors with their fabulous teachers!

Mrs. Dillard and her incredibly awesome door, assisted by Pastor Dillard!

Sarah, the hair, Joungblood and her incredibly punctual door (just completed the night before the judging!)

Mrs. Berry and her "tacky" door. She debated upon changing her door when she saw all the other ones being created. However, she followed the rules and allowed the KIDS to complete the door!

My great look and great looking door. Still thought we had a chance!

A better look at the fantabulously fantastic door!


Tim & Kristen said...

Gotta comment on this post. Congrats on winning that pizza party. I sure wish that we could could have won a pizza party for the door competition. My kids would have loved that prize. Nice pictures as well. If I had known you had a camera, I would have gotton you to take a picture of my door with my kids as well. Oh well, I hope to bring my camera on Friday for another pep rally!! Gotta love dress down days, especially when we get to wear pants!!!

Ben and Carissa said...

How fun! Something a little different this year!! I kind of miss the whole thing. Especially you and Mrs. D. Tell her "hi, mom" for me!!

Tfipps said...

Katrina, You've got #1 door in my book. Of course, you didn't show a picture of the kindergarten class door yet!! I'm so excited for Kristen V....through your blog, I found hers, and found out she's getting married. I didn't know that!!

Conleys said...

wow - way to go all out...maybe every friday should be a theme day so you can 'dress down'!

juliechall said...

Very cute - Katrina - thanks for sharing your V-day story on our blog. Sometimes the best thing is just spending time together!

T.J. and Shannon said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love the outfits on everyone and your door looked fabulous!

jeileenbaylor said...

Kat- What a great idea! I love your door... I love the title! I would have voted for you and your class :O) I love all of the GREEN too :o)
Love you girl.
ps I am having a yard sale on the 24th of march before we put our house on the you want to sell some of your stuff? Call me and let me know :o)
Love ya!

Dan & Karis Seely said...

Wow, you are so creative! I am very impressed with your door.

It was good to see you guys last weekend at the Lackey's (I guess we've seen you the last two weekends actually although we didn't get to talk much this last weekend.) Had you already heard about the Sunday night surprise? :-)