Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm a big girl now!

Our precious pup turns the big 2 years old today! Which, in dog years, she is about 14 years old (so they say). It doesn't seem that long ago, but she has grown so much in both height/weight as well as maturity. She began her years in our home with a weak bladder (Adam Thomas can testify - thanks for your graciousness with the pee on your shoe) and confusion since we left her the very first weekend we got her. We had plans for our anniversary and could not change them, so our neighbors came over and let her out a couple times a day. We believe that aided in curing her whinning at night. At eight weeks she weighed in at a whopping 9.4 lbs. Now, she has grown out of her peeing when company comes (although she still knocks people over with excitement - sorry Stephen), and she currently weighs around 50 lbs. She is a great dog and we do love her very much! She provides much excitement to our humble, child-less abode!

Happy Birthday Godiva!

Her Birthday Present of dog food from the can! I know, I know, we splurged!

P.S. Don is only 9 full days away from being finished with this year of seminary!! We have had much to blog on, but it seems like each time I have a few moments to update the blog, Don needs to work on writing his own commentary on Jonah, or his 12 book critics, or his Hebrew translation, or any of the other more important tasks then updating this site. Thanks to those who are sticking with us depite the sabatical (Adrianne!!). Look to the Hines Herald in about 10 days for a full feature of the last few weeks in the home of the Hines'!!


Karis said...

Happy Birthday, Godiva! I love the party hat.

Ahhh... the end of the semester. I remember those days well. And, I understand about the computer being unavailable. Dan and I joke about needing a second computer because he needs ours so much for deputation.

Conleys said...

happy birthday Godiva!

we too are counting down the days, hours, minutes until school is done. i even thought about taking a 'last day of school picture' :). i doubt stephen would let me!

The Ingrams said...

Happy Birthday Godiva! You are such a beautiful girl!

I understand the computer sharing--we used to share until Paul's company got him a laptop. Now my problem is finding time to use my computer for anything other than work. :-) Hope you have a nice relaxing summer once all those exams are finished for this year!

Amanda Lee said...

Thanks for the updates. I am counting down the days of seminary with you. Right now we are down to 8. YEAH!!!! Garrett still has a ton to do though. Anyway, I will check back for those promised updates:)
Love ya

The Horaks said...

I love that you guys celebrated Godiva's birthday! :) One thing that we really can't wait to do when we leave Northland is get a dog (or 2)! We even spent an entire evening once surfing the net together looking for the dogs we want to get someday!! (I know, we're such dorks!)

jeileenbaylor said...

Happy Birthday Godiva!
Also, I am so glad tha Don is just about finished with this year. As you know, we took a year off, and it's going to be a little difficult starting up again... oh well... just a four more years til the PHD, right? --hmmm...we'll see!

Carrie said...

She reminds me of our former dog, a chocolate lab named Hunter. He was just too much with a newborn and 2 yr old but so cute, full of energy.

S&s said...

Happy Birthday to my BFF!!!!!

Ben and Carissa said...

Happy Birthday Godiva!

You guys really need some kids now to blog about!!! HEE HEE!!

T.J. and Shannon said...

Happy belated b-day Godiva! Did you know they have doggy icecream? We've thought about buying some for Niko for his next birthday.