Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We are Still Alive!

Amazingly, with Don finished with Seminary for the semester, he has been coming home from work at a decent time, giving us time to actually spend together. All this to say, the blog has taken the back burner to spending time with my man who is freed up from spending his time typing papers, reading gobs of books, or studying his Biblical languages. We will try to get you caught up with the highlights of some of the things we have been able to do with our time. Don was still on his school schedule for work during my spring break, so we both had all day Friday to spend together. We spent half of our day working on improvements to the house (what home-owners are blessed with) and the other half playing. He had the afternoon/evening all planned and I just sat back and allowed him to tell me what was next. We began our morning with Golden Corral's breakfast buffet. Then home to work. Next, Don took me to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. This many acre garden located by the airport, was full of beautiful, blooming azaleas and other flowering plants and trees.

Next we headed to an old BBQ joint that still has the car-hops. Remarkably this place still had cheap prices as well. After we left, we realized that the waitress had left her card in our windshield wiper. This card looked like it had been there since the founding of this restaurant. It was a funny "bloggable" event!

Following our dinner, we headed down the street to the local baseball team, the Norfolk Tides. It was their opening night there at Harbour Park. They are apparently the farm team for the Baltimore Orioles. We had gone a while ago, but this was quite exciting to see an opening game.

I must preface my next story that although I don't care for the word I am about to use, I find the situation quite funny and ironic. During the game, we had the opportunity to be two or three rows above a group of guys out having a good time. One of them had been rooting against the Tides the whole game and basically trying to rile the crowd up and be a opposing view. He even went as far as to buy a Tides' T-Shirt and with a Sharpie, put a circle around and line through the name. When he turned around you could see the words: "Tides Sucks" with the -s scribbled out. Apparently got a little hasty with the marker before thinking about proper grammar! =) He ended up taking the T-Shirt off during the 6th or 7th inning when one of the Tides hit a triple that landed two other Tides at home and basically ended the game with a home-opener win!


Conleys said...

i'm glad you and don are getting to spend some time together after a busy semester- the blog can ALWAYS take a backseat to that. i know i've enjoyed having stephen home. i keep thinking to myself 'wow, he can actually do something fun with us?' i've had to put those 'fun thoughts' out of my head for awhile. i could blog all day about the simple things i took for granted that are so much fun now that we are free from school. :)

Tim & Kristen said...

Sending you some love back...thanks for commenting on our blog. Great post...it is fun to see pictures that go with your stories. Only 2 and a half days left, and then you will have some more free time to blog!!

amanda Lee said...

Glad you are still alive. I was wondering:)
Glad you had fun on your date.

Karis said...

Yeah for summer break! It has been fun seeing you guys up at CBC Williamsburg. I guess that's the up side to not being able to get meetings -- fellowship with great brothers and sisters in Christ that isn't at stage one every weekend. :-)

T.J. and Shannon said...

Hey girl
Thanks for the nice comment on our blog. We're thankful for you guys too. :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Darlings Don, Katrina and Godiva....

You guys are becoming quite the photographers.... love the pictures of the garden.

I am surprised to see that you ordered a hot dog at the BBQ joint Katrina. I would think that you would have had enough of them growing up (Wednesday nights fast supper)to last you a life time.

Love the Birthday Hat Godiva, wish I could have been there to sing happy birthday to yoooo!

I love you all, Mom

jeileenbaylor said...

So glad to hear that things are going well for you all and that you and Don have been able to spend some TIME together :o) What a blessing!

The Ingrams said...

Glad you have a chance to spend some time together. I love it when Paul is able to come home early even if he works remotely. We used to go to the Tides games when Paul was at CI Travel and could get free tickets. It would be fun to go again, but I doubt Zoe would be very happy if we did that right now. :-) I look forward to seeing your future posts!