Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ireland - Day 1

Top of the mornin' to ya!

I'm going to do my best to bring out some of the best pictures to capture our adventure to Ireland. We took well over 500 photos and it is quite overwhelming to decide which ones best illustrate the beauty of this country. I'm sorry that we can't do a slide show, which would cut down the actual length of these posts, but then our #1 fan to our blog - my mommy - wouldn't be able to see the photos. So, please bear with us as we seek to encapsulate our very wonderful trip.

Day 1 - Day of Travel and Adjustment
We met up with our good buddies and travel companions, TJ and Shannon Logsdon (who have done a very great job on their blog as well - so go here to check it out from their vantage point). We drove to DC and ate a scrumptious last American meal made by our friends Ben and Carissa Smith. Carissa then took us to the airport and we started our very long day of travel. We flew out at 7:15 or so Sunday evening, and arrived in Ireland at 7:00 ish AM - Ireland time. So, in what we had read to beat jet lag, we needed to stay up until our normal bed time. So, we spent the day, getting to our accommodations and acquainting ourselves with the little town of Adare. (We did sneak in a little nap, which helped enough to make it through until 9 or 10 o'clock).

Our faithful and fun travel companions - TJ and Shannon (in green to honor Ireland!)

Don and I having fun at the airport!

Adare Manor - The mansion on the property where we stayed. We stayed at the town-homes at a separate section of the property.

Adventures on the grounds - we found a garden, the ritzy golf course, a pet cemetary, one of the oldest Cedars of Lebanon in Ireland, and a hobbit hole (or maybe it was just the firewood shed).

TJ and Shannon walking in the rain, around the gardens and stone walls.

The first Irish food at an authentic Irish Pub! The guys got real used to us girls saying "We're Hungry".

The four of us at the entrance to the Manor.

The boys having fun in the Manor.

In the library of the Manor

Prego Break - with the Peanut M&M's

The Manor at Night

Bailey's Coffee - in the library - many tired, giddy laughs were had around this little table that night! Good Memories!

Don with his Bailey's Coffee next to the fire.

. . . for day two and following . . . check back to The Hines' Herald tomorrow! (or visit Katrina's Facebook for all of day 1's photos)


Kristin said...

I love your pictures! It sounds like you had a great trip. Looking forward to more pictures. :)

Tim & Kristen said...

Great pictures from day one. Looks like so much fun!! I am glad that you got to go on the trip!! and no baby while on the trip!!!! Why worry huh???

jeileenbaylor said...

Oh yay! I have been waiting for these :o) You guys look like you had a blast! The Manor is absolutely gorgeous!

The Horaks said...

Looks awesome!! Can't wait for the next installment of pictures! :)

For our video, I just used Windows Movie Maker (it came with the software that came with our computer, so it's already 3 or 4 years old). It's not a very fancy program, but it definitely gets the job done. There's quite a few options for titles, etc., as well as some special effects. There's several online video editing options as well...have you ever tried It's not quite as easy to use as the computer program, but of the free options, it is the best one I've found.

Anonymous said...

Okay, did I totally miss you posting that you were going to IRELAND!! How awesome! I tip my hat to you--we flew to Africa when I was pregnant with Joshua. Was a little uncomfortable. But so worth it. Great pictures. Looking forward to the rest of your trip posts.
Abby Hyink

Ben and Carissa said...

I still think one of you should have driven the van back to my house and let ME go! Soooo fun! I also LOVE little Kate's room. So BOLD!