Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, "tomorrow" has turned into two weeks later. I forgot when I promised the next round of Ireland pictures that Don was taking a block course and thus needing the computer during the day. We have all the Ireland photos on his laptop which was at school with him. Then, when that was finished we finally downloaded the newest version of iLife to our Macs which has changed the way we need to upload pics. We are trying to figure out how to upload pictures from iPhoto to blogger. We know there has to be an easier way than what we've been doing, it just simply takes time to sit down and figure it out. We have figured out how to do it on Facebook, which has turned out to be easier. So, needless to say . . . the Ireland Day 2 and following pics are coming . . . but will be uploaded to facebook before blogger. So, if you are a Facebooker - Good News! We'll have new Ireland pics to come, if not, please continue to be patient with the authors of this blog as we seek to expedite our time and be effective bloggers. =) No need to comment, there is no pictures with this post, unless you are a Mac user with insight into our issue.


Ben and Carissa said...

Why don't you try...uh...never mind.

MattDJ said...

I am a Mac user...with insight into this issue. :-)

We have got to get you guys up and running on your blog again! You are letting your fans down! :-) Here's what I would do (there are severla ways to do this):

1-Create a new Folder and call it "Blog" or "Blog Posts" or "Go Yankees!" or, you get the idea. :-)
2-As you write posts, make a new album within the folder and give it the same name as your blog post. Then, go through your images and drag over the ones you want to use for that blog post. Now click on that Blog post's folder and select all the images.
3-Go to Share, Export, and choose a size of something no bigger than 640x480. Even that may be too big for your liking. Save it to a new folder on your desktop. Now you've got your images ready for Blogger. Once you upload them through blogger, just delete that folder on your desktop. Steps 1 & 2 are only there if you want to know which images you've blogged. You can also just keyword the ones you blog.

Now here's another, simpler way to do it. Command-click on all of the images you want to post. Click on the "Mail" icon at the bottom. A new message will open with all the images you wanted. Within that same window, look at the bottom right. You can have Mail automatically resize your images. Anything larger than "Medium" is overkill. Now, create a new folder on your desktop and call it "Yankees Rule". won't work unless you do that step. ;-) Then click on one image in the open Mail message, select Command-A to select them all, and drag and drop them into that "Yankees Rule" folder. Done. Now just upload to blogger.

Yeesh...and I was just going to ask where are your posts?! Sorry for the loooooooong comment. :-)

jess said...

hey I want baby pics!!

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