Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Cards

I love fall! I love the beautiful colors that God uses to ignite the sky during this time of year. I love football and the ability to watch it throughout these few months. I love the comfy sweatshirts and jeans that get dusted off and snuggled into. I love the crisp air that feels like it is cleansing out your lungs from the heat and humidity of the summer. I love filling my home with the colors of the season and celebrating this great time of year. So, last week, I decided to sit down with the girls to spread some of this cheer and make our own Hines Hallmark creations to send to their loving grandparents for Thanksgiving. The following are a few snap shots of the fun we had getting messy!

I also included an interview with Katelyn to entertain those awaiting grandparents. I've seen this great idea included in several of my blogger friend's blogs. I thought it was such an original way to document the growth of the children, that I went ahead and developed a few questions just to see what Katelyn might say.

The Interview of Katelyn Jane Hines - Age 2 1/2 years old (November 19, 2010)
1. What is your favorite food? Peanut Butter & Jelly
2. What is your favorite color? Tree (Can you guess what the picture was right in front of her at the time of this interview?!?!)
3. What are you thankful for? The Suns, The balloon
4. What are you glad God gave you? What makes you happy? Me! And I make Mommy & Daddy happy too!
5. Who's your sister? Noelle (we've been working on middle names lately!) What do you love about her? Like to color with her, at church too.
6. What's your doggy's name? Godiva What do you like about her? Godiva's birthday's coming. (We've also been discussing the fact that Claire's birthday and Jesus's birthday is coming up . . . and that leads into a discussion of all of our birthdays!)
7. What would you like for Christmas? Snowflake, hat, shirt to go in the snow (a real Michigan girl!)
8. What are your favorite things to do? Play with birthday toys
9. What are your favorite places to go? Sunday School & Busch Gardens (whew - at least she's got her priorities right! Ha!)
10. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Blow bubbles
11. What is your favorite thing to play with in your room? My dishes