Friday, December 17, 2010


I never realized before marrying Don how many wonderful traditions would also come with the promise of "I Do". It has been so much fun to look forward to these special times and now as our family has grown we are adding new traditions and adjusting old traditions to accommodate our little ones. We have come to LOVE the day after Thanksgiving as a day to go and snag some great deals, check off our Christmas lists (usually all in one day), and then proceed home for a long winters nap, followed by decking the halls with our Christmas decorations (all except the tree). The tree has its own day during the first weekend in December. This day we make a homemade soup in the crockpot, run to the store and purchase some apple cider, break out the yeast and knead some homemade bread (or throw it in the bread maker!), and usually pick up a dozen donuts for dessert. However, this year, I found a recipe for homemade donuts and thought we would give it a try. They turned out FANTASTIC. This will definitely be added to our traditions portfolio for the years to come . . . and will be more enjoyable as the girls get older and can really get their hands dirty in the dough! Here are a few shots of our family fun night. What are your traditions and do you have any tips on making Christ the center of your holidays?


Tricia said...

I love making traditions. Do share the donut recipe...they look wonderful!

jeileenbaylor said...

How fun! Those girls are just so adorable!And those donuts look amazing!