Thursday, December 30, 2010

Claire's 1st Birthday Party

The Lady of the Day
The Theme: Claire's Winter ONE-derland!
The Decorations

The Guests: Her Nursery Pals & their Families
.... Daddy & Sister too ...
... and let's not forget Grandpa Hines who made a special trip from Michigan!

The Menu:
Eskimo Stew (White Chili)
Polar Bear Soup (Potato Soup)
Melted Snowflakes (Cheeseball - which was created by one of the Mom's)
Mini Snowman Delight (PB&J) & Snowmen Noses (Carrots)
Snowman Buttons (Peanut Butter Balls)

The Cake & Eating it too!

Snowgirl Cake

The Gifts

All of the gifts she received are not pictured. Along with the shoes and some board books, she also got a phone that talks and rings (which we have tried to convince Kate that it is not hers), and a bag of Mega Blocks.

Thank you to those of you who were able to celebrate her birthday with us, and also a big thank you to those of you who celebrated her birth from a far. We had a fun time playing a few games, eating, and watching the birthday girl devour her cake and stare at her presents.

We love our little Claire-bear and are thankful for her easy smile, her fun personality, and how we see God's grace in your development already. We look forward to the next few years ahead where we will really get to know you better. We pray that you would come to a knowledge of Christ very early in your life and put your trust in His goodness in EVERY circumstance that comes your way. Love, Your Mama & Dada!


Becky Gravley said...

so loved the pictures and decorations! you did a GREAT job, treenie and big d. we love and miss you! happy happy birthday, claire!!

TwoMuths said...

you are so creative! Looks like a very fun time - loved the pics!

Ben and Carissa said...

You crack me up Katrina!! Amazing!! I love it all! What a fun day! Happy birthday Claire!!

jeileenbaylor said...

Such precious comments at the end for your "Claire Bear' -love it ;) And your decorations and planning are amazing! I can definitely see the teacher in you coming in handy as a mama!

Katie Barker said...

love the creative food choices. Especially those carrot stick noses :)