Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've been tagged by Shannon Conley and thus, I will abort mission of catching you all up on my last few fabulous weekends full of fun and excitement to tell you a little bit about myself. After posting these rules, each player proceeds to list 8 relatively random facts/habits about himself/herself. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names. (I've edited this to only 6).

1. I attempted bow hunting when I was in late middle school - early high school. I had my bow and arrows and was quite faithful at going out and practicing my shot, which was not too bad. I remember my step-dad, Doug, encouraging me to continue on. I eventually got the guts to overcome my fear of heights and climb a tree stand and practice shooting from there. I never did end up going out to really hunt, I valued that one-on-one time with my mom too much to give it up to be cold and bored sitting in a tree, never knowing if I would actually be able to shoot an arrow at Bambi's Mom or Dad!

2. Along with that, Doug, also took me out after he had shot a doe, to go track it down and find it. That was pretty fun going through the woods tracking the blood trail left and watching my step-dad's amazing ability to find any leaf or twig that had a spot of blood. Next, I held the flashlight as he gutted the deer and drug it back to the four-wheeler!

3. I dated only ONE guy before finding Mr. Right for me!!

4. Back to my adventures in wildlife - my parents were big into "Mushroom Hunting". This takes place in the early sping, like around Mother's Day, Morell Mushrooms begin to grow and are found in Michigan. They are edible and pretty hard to spot. We would go out one weekend in the year and would find them through out the woods. Again, my step-dad's keen eyesight aided in finding many a mushroom, even zipping down the two tracks in our mini van, he would slam on the breaks, send us into the seats ahead of us, jump out and cut down a few mushrooms, and continue along the way!

5. Giving a shout out to the Carnes' side of the family - my family all own cabins very close to each other in Michigan and many weekends I would spend up there with my Dad. I have many funny and crazy stories from those times. One of which would be our annual "Stump Hunt". We would head out with at least 3 pick up trucks. The adults would ride in the cabs and the rest of us cousins would ride in the beds of the truck. We would head down the two-tracks and stop periodically, then we would turn the row-bar lights into the woods. The kids would scatter finding as much downed logs, branches, or burnable material for the camp fires as possible, haul it back to the truck beds, and back out for more before the caravan of truck would begin moving again. We ended up bringing back enough wood to last most of the summer. We would also look for a stump that we could remove to put onto the fire that night. Simple fun!

6. I have taken after my mother in the organization catagory. I alphabetize my spices! =)

7. I LOVE SPORTS!! Especially those MIchigan teams! Right now we're following the progress of our DEEETROIT BASKETBALL TEAM - The Pistons. We were following the Red Wings until they got booted. We always hope that our teams make it to the playoffs, because that is the only time our major-sport-free state of Virginia will play any Michigan teams on our regular three or four stations, since we are the 2% of the American population that does not pay for the 360 some-odd channels just to get ESPN. However, we have spent a few nights in bed listening to the games on the radio!! It was good to see the Tigers in the World Series last year and our Michigan Wolverines ranked #2 for a while so that they will televise those, especially since our neighbor is a Ohio State fan!

8. I like the taste of frozen shredded cheese. Pretty random.

I will tag the following individuals . . . however you are not binded by some kind of blogging law that you must do this or be put on blogging probation or any type of discipline proceedure, I am simply interested in your facts or random habits and such, if you are all dried up of any new blog ideas, here is your ticket to tell about you! . . . Kristen Varner soon-to-be Armstrong, Carissa Smith, Becky Gravley, Shannon Logsdon, Julie Baylor, Amanda Lee. Enjoy!


Karis said...

Does frozen shredded cheese taste different than refrigerated shredded cheese? Never tried it frozen that I can remember...very random fact and interesting.

You've got lots of great outdoors skills -- you're much more adventurous than me. I'm almost embarrassed after reading all that that I offered you our air mattress on Sunday night when you camped out, but then I remembered that you had accepted one from someone else. To me, that means you're smart outdoors people.

Kristen made it to Kansas safely and without complications. It's all getting more and more real! Yeah for her.

Kristin said...

I love your recent photo! Do you miss the hunting seasons? I loved to hear my dad, brothers, and friends tell their stories after hunting. Turkey tastes so much better wild than from the store!!!

Frozen cheese sounds interesting.

Enjoy your summer.

Tricia said...

I alphabetize my spices too! I'm glad I'm not the only "crazy one" out there! =)

Carrie said...

I went muzzleloading hunting but I never even thought about putting it on my facts b/c "everyone" hunts in WV. I never got anything but did take a shot once!