Thursday, May 31, 2007

Teacher's Appreciation Week

No, your Google Reader is not messed up, The Hines Herald is posting again! Can you tell that I am finished with school?! Before it gets too far away, I wanted to show you some pictures of things I received for Teacher's Appreciation week. Although it was not mentioned on our school calendar, I still received some nice gifts.

Don has begun his summer schedule where he gets Saturday, Sunday & Monday off one week and the next he will only get Sunday. They call it the swing shift. He actually doesn't mind it because every other weekend we have a 3-day weekend and we are able to get away to see the area. His first weekend on the swing shift, I still had to work Monday and I was feeling quite well, so I couldn't use one of my sick days =). Then, it was also the night we had a shower for Kristen, so I was getting home late. I had asked him to do one favor for me . . . to clean out my dryer vent because it was taking sometimes 3 - 70 minute cycles to dry our clothes. He did that and it works like a charm! Also when I arrived he said he did something else for me. So, he sat me in front of the computer and flashed up the following pictures that he took throughout his project . . .

Pastor Eric and Jalyn had installed lights under their cabinets and I loved the effect. So, I simply told Don about it. We tried a cheap way of doing it, by putting those battery operated lights that you push in and the lights come on. It lasted about three hours before the lights burned out or the batteries died. So, when I arrived home I was shocked to see Don had installed real lights and ran the wires through the cabinets. Thanks to Brinks, he has learned a lot about running wire and electricity. Thanks sweetie for thinking of me and giving me something that I didn't need, but something I wanted for your Teacher. And thanks for the fabulous shots of you being my handyman and allowing me to laugh at you! Your so funny!

Here is a picture of my pile of stuff that I received from school. The one special gift was the bouquet of flowers that I recieved from one of my students from TWO years ago. It is always special when they come back to see you and give you hugs!

Here is some pictures of my kids during our fundraiser - the Lions' Pride Golf Classic/Walk-a-Thon.

That same week, the second grade class went on their annual field trip to the Virginia Living Museum, SPCA Zoo, and Huntington Park. We had one little hitch, our bus broke down and were late getting back to school. But I was so thankful that we broke down in the park, so the kids had an opportunity to get out and play in the park, while we figured out what to do with them. We were headed across a major bridge in just a few moments from that place and I can not even fathom what it would have been like to be stuck on the bridge with 40 second graders who cannot get out of the vehicle when it was 80 degrees outside and stopping traffic. The only good I could have seen out of that situation would have been, that we would have probably made the news! =) However, God's sovereignty would have us break down in the park - I'm so thankful!


Tfipps said...

I did think that my Google Reader had messed up for a second there! I have always wanted those under the cabinet lights...that is so cool that your hubby did that! We will get them one day...:)

TwoMuths said...

Ooh, niiiice! We will have to check out your system when we are there. We have to get some cabinets before we can install our under cabinet lighting. HA!

Karis said...

Great job, Don! I am so impressed that you not only did the job well but you remembered to take pictures of the process.

Hope you guys enjoy your three day weekends this summer!

Kristin said...

Lights under the cabinets are wonderful!! Our kitchen is so big that it was hard to see when working in the kitchen, so Russell was so sweet and installed some.
We have great husbands!!! Glad he took photos.

Looks like you received some nice gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Do you have a teacher card to Barnes & Noble? You'll get 20% off. Twice a year they have Teacher Appreciation Week where Educators get 25% off anything; not just items for the classroom.

Enjoy your 3 day weekends! :)

T.J. and Shannon said...

Yo Don, you're the man! Nice pics by the way. You should put them in a woman's calendar. They'll sell like hotcakes...Hey, I might even buy one :)