Friday, February 08, 2008

Announcing . . . (Drum Roll Please!)

. . . THE BRINK'S HOME SECURITY TECHNICIAN OF THE YEAR FOR 2007 IS . . . (drum roll climaxes and cuts off)


That's right, my husband, Don Hines (A.K.A. Don, Donny, Dono, etc.) earned the esteemed title of Technician of the Year! He has been working for Brink's for the past four years with MANY awards for his contributions to his company by being awarded Tech. of the Month for several months (we have a stack of plaques from this), but this is the first time he was awarded this title. The managers keep track of all the tech's numbers that represent how they are doing on the field. Each month they are given a little bonus if they achieve the tech of the month, and at the end of the year they compare all the techs numbers for the whole year, and your's truly came out on top! I am so proud of his accomplishments!! He works very hard to be a great testimony by the way in which he deals with his customers, his bosses, his co-workers, and his company. He has come home many times with compliments and I am so glad that he has been recogized in this way, since this will most likely be his last opportuntiy to recieve this reward, because it is probably his last full year of being an employee of Brinks.

And I saved the best for last . . . what has he won?!

A four day vacation to FLORIDA! He gets free airfare, free food, free tickets to several theme parks, give aways, and HE GETS PAID TO GO! I'm so thrilled for him! He will have a great time! There has been talk of me being able to go with him, but as of right now, we are still unsure. If so, while he is playing, I'll spend my time lying by the pool and reading some great parenting books! =)


Kristin said...

Congratulations Don!!! Hope you can both go!

Conleys said...

Congratulations Don! What a great testimony!

Katrina- if you can't go, you can come visit us, while Stephen is in the Bahamas. What's wrong with this picture?? :)

Tim & Kristen said...

Congrats Don!!! That is so awesome!! Hope Katrina gets to go on the trip with you!!!!

Karis said...

Congratulations, Don! What a wonderful testimony you have been to so many people. Praise the Lord for how He has used you.

T.J. and Shannon said...

Way to go Dono!

Carrie said...

I actually got the Mab Gab idea from you it was sooo cute. I would have done the picture thing but we live too far away.

S&s said...

Congratulations!!! Wow! Steve and I both wish that we had known about this for last Friday night--we should've celebrated with a cake or something! oh well. . .guess brownies were the stand-in for cake;)

And hey. . .behind every successful man is a supportive wife;) Like that? I just made it up;)