Monday, February 18, 2008

A Visit to the 700 Club

A few days ago, Don was drawn to a small 1" x 2" add in our local paper that announced the need of a studio audience for the taping of the 700 Club with guests MercyMe. It simply gave a number to call and that was about all the information listed. When I called, they took my name and how many guests would be attending. I was able to get my good teaching buddy and carpool friend, Emily Flatt, to commit to go with me as well as her friend who was visiting for President's Day, Abby. We headed to the studio and found it without much need of help. We were whisked into the studio, through the metal detectors, to our third row seats. We watched the behind-the-scenes work of the camera men, producers, and assistants as they taped Monday's show. It was complete with Pat Robertson and co-anchor Kristi Watts (who was a quite hilarious off camera), Q & A time from the audience to Pat, news reals, and stories from around the world. By half-way through the hour program, the main guests we came to see walked in during a commercial break - the members of MercyMe. We ended up being seated right next to where they were playing and had front row seats to this part of the show. They sang "God with Us" from their latest CD "All That is Within". It was really wonderful to hear their testimony in song as well as during the short interview section. They spoke of their families and the importance of that role to them and how they make it a priority by not traveling more than four days in a row away from wife and kids. I was truly thankful to see these guys who desired to reflect Christ in their songs, in their humility, and in their call to ministry to others through music. Afterwards, we were almost first in line to get autographs and pictures.

The studio - sorry it's a dark photo, if you look cross-eyed and squint, you may be able to see Kristi Watts at the news desk above the bald headed man in front row (she is wearing red).

MercyMe - while at commerical break

Photo Op with Pat Robertson (blue jacket) - they put their guitars around his neck and made for quite the picture!

Mike Scheuchzer (guitar), me with eyes closed and baby bump barely noticable due to outfit (it changes day to day with the outfit selection!), Jim Bryson (keys)

Drummer - Robby Shaffer - captured by lead singer. Funny story - my camera was having issues, it wasn't taking pictures and I stood posed next to them for a some time, while poor Emily tried to fix the camera. Lead singer, Bart Miller, took the camera to fix it and eventually took this picture of Robby to see if it worked - well it did - and he captured the next self portrait of us too! It was quite funny and very "real" of them.

The self-portrait pose with Bart Miller

Nathan Cochran (bass), Me, Emily, Abby, Barry Graul (guitar)

Oh - and did I mention that this was FREE?! It was a lot of fun and quite the experience.

And just so you all know, a week ago, I turned one year older - I am currently, um, let me think about this, I was born in 81, subtract from 08 . . . borrow . . . uh, so I guess that makes me . . . 27. Yeah - I'm having problems remembering how old I am already! Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my Facebook buddies and also to those buddies who sent me cards! I really appreciate it!


jeileenbaylor said...

How cool.... the concert i mean. I bet that was awesome seeing them in person!

You look so cute with your cards and gifts for your birthday :o)

Love ya girl!

Tim & Kristen said...

I guess I missed you birthday...well late Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great time the studio. What a neat experience!!!

Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

I'm jealous - that sounds like so much fun! And belated happy birthday to you! 27's not old - I'm 28. :-) You look great, by the way!

Jon and Lacey said...

What a cool thing to see! You got some awesome pictures with them! Happy belated birthday :)

MattDJ said...


When I worked at Regent, we use to have a Summer outdoor concert series with the Club. I think it was once a week (or month) for about 4 times. We all met in front of the Library, the artist performed, and it was a free concert. Tons of fun!!! You're right, it was the "in-between" segments that you really got to see them as everyday people. :-)