Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me!

For part of my Christmas gift this year Don gave me tickets to a professional beach volleyball tournament, called AVP Hot Winter Nights Tour. They transformed the Old Dominion University Basketball Center into a sand volleyball court - which was quite amazing! They had four men and four women from the AVP that competed in a round robin tournament, which basically means that they switched partners to play with each round and were playing for individual reward as opposed to playing with a specific partner (as they normally do). They had a final game, where the player that won the most amount of times in the round robin would choose their partner to try to win the whole tournament. It was quite fun to see these unbelievable players at such a close level and really see the speed and agility!

The arena transformed to hold the sand volleyball court in the middle!

Don - up close and personal with some of the guys practicing. The guy immediately behind him is Stein Metzger. He was a 2004 Athens Olympian and took fifth place with his parter. He was the guy that was highlighted on this tournament, although, I don't think he was playing his best this night!

Katrina - getting up close & personal with some of the girls practicing - Behind me to my right is Tyra Turner (yellow headband) - she is heading to the 2008 Beijing Olympics to represent the USA. The other girl to my left (next to the guy holding the camera) is Rachel Wacholder who also will be representing the USA in the 2008 Olympics.

The Serve

Another shot of the serve taken my my awesome photographer husband, Don!

The Happy Couple

Me and the S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get). I was so excited when they started passing these around for the final rounds!! I see them all the time when I watch the games on TV and even told Don that I hoped they would pass them out for this too, but I didn't figure they would. Surprise, surprise! (Godiva had fun popping them when we got home! Merry Christmas to her too!)

A picture with Barbra Fontana - the 1996 Atlanta Olympian who took 4th place for the USA. She is a mother of two boys and a lawyer! She passed the California Bar exam in the 80's! Quite the lady!

Thanks again, Donny, for the great Christmas gift! It was a lot of fun and great to spend some nice time alone with my best friend! I love you!


For all those baby bump addicts out there, I have posted my 27 week photo or entering my third trimester!

Notice the nice Cotton Candy Pink walls!

The full side shot! Sorry, I have been so bad with this!! I wanted to be good with this, since I am always curious what my friends look like pregnant too! And I vowed I would post pictures of myself, no matter how huge I felt or looked, because I know how badly I want to see others like that too. Everytime I think about taking a picture, I always have an excuse as to why I can't at that moment, and then I forget. I'll try to keep you more up to date with the changing of my pregnant body! Thanks for your patience! =)


Nate, Kris & Adrianna said...

You look awfully cute and pregnant! I think I have that same shirt. :-) Yeah for the third trimester! Enjoy the next few weeks and get lots of naps! :-)

Karis said...

What a great Christmas gift.

And I love the baby bump! You are adorable. I'm glad you're going to keep the pictures coming!

T.J. and Shannon said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time! Love the baby bump pictures! You're so cute!

jeileenbaylor said...

Yahooo! I love the belly pictures :o) You look so great!

Tim & Kristen said...

Girl you are so cute. I love your baby bump. You look great!! Looks like you also had a blast at the volleyball tourney!! Glad you had a fun date w/ Don. What a happy couple you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Horaks said...

I'm so glad you got to go see that game! Don is so thoughtful to you! And you are such a sweetie for being so conscientious about showing off your 'baby bump'! ;) You look great!


Busch family said...

Hi Katrina! Thanks for your comments! It's always nice to see that others read what you wrote!
We're pretty excited too!!

What a fun gift Don gave you! I LOVE to watch sand volleyball when I get the chance. We don't currently have cable so I haven't seen it in a long time.

You look great too! Thanks for the pictures. It's always so nice to be able to see the pregnancy progressing even from far away! I hope that everything is coming together nicely for your nursery. I am excited to see the finished product!

The Gartland Family said...

Hi there! Thanks for sharing in our excitement. :)
Now for yours...Katrina, you look great! And as I read in some of your older posts, congratulations on the news that you're eagerly anticipating a little GIRL!!! We're so excited for you guys as you prepare to meet your sweet little one. The crib looks beautiful and I am now in suspense as to these creative surprises that the two of you are working on!

jess said...

Wall color is great!! Can't wait to see the diamonds. What a thoughfuly gift from you hubby - looks like you really enjoyed it.

Matt & Nicki said...

You look great! 27 weeks! Wow, I come to your blog periodically but don't usually leave comments. . .I actually stopped by here b/c I was wondering if there would be any baby news. . .when is your due date?

Matt & Nicki said...

You look great! 27 weeks! Wow, I come to your blog periodically but don't usually leave comments. . .I actually stopped by here b/c I was wondering if there would be any baby news. . .when is your due date?